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I’ve had two “stints” in AA. The first one started in the fall of 1985 and ended when I picked up a drink in early 2001. Between then and May 2004, I learned a hard lesson about the progressive nature of the disease. I was blessed to make it back with a miraculously low amount of suffering but, as they say, beaten by alcohol into a state of reasonableness.

I resumed my AA journey in enough desperation to seek out Al, a sponsor who had done the work as laid out in the Big Book. We had met early on in our working careers, where I had learned that Al was also in AA. While I worked in the Albany, New York, area, he was stationed out in Buffalo, and we would meet occasionally when our business obligations coincided. Usually when Al came to Albany, he would suggest we hit a meeting or two; something which became rather difficult for me after I had resumed drinking (I managed to keep it a secret, or so I thought at the time.)

After hitting my bottom, I asked Al if he would sponsor me, and he agreed. During my first year sober, I didn’t have a car, and I would periodically take the train from Albany to Buffalo to do Step work with Al. The Big Book took on new meaning for me as we read together and Al answered my questions. The first thing I realized was the impact

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