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Edición de la revista

True north

How an old-timer found his HP on the high seas


A newcomer learns to redefine herself—and get a little bit wild

After the Blizzard

After a tragic childhood and years of drinking, she found AA and came in from the cold

This Fabulously Messy Sober Ball

There's nothing like illness, surgery and family matters to remind us to embrace Step Three

Part of something big

How her dream to have a meaningful life became something to really cheer about

Out of the Foxhole

After his pink cloud went away challenges hit, and isolation led him down a tunnel of white-knuckling pain

Shakin' it Up

A member with time struggles with his home group and finds out that change is good

Welcome Back, Sucker

After 11 years, he stopped going to meetings and an old friend returned

A long Overdue Amends

A member learns to take care of her body so she can pass on the AA message


El proyecto "Lleve El Mensaje" se enfoca en obtener suscripciones de Grapevine y La Viña para alcohólicos necesitados. ¡No es necesario conocer al destinatario! Patrocine una suscripción para alguien tras las rejas, en un centro de tratamiento, hogar de ancianos o que esté confinado en su hogar.


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